MagicProtect Matt ASLAN SL 99


  • matt, spray paint repellent anti-graffiti film, stopping vandalism before it’s finished
  • Protection of digital prints against graffiti and dirt
  • Protection of smooth, textured, flat or single-curved surfaces when applied direct as a laminate for prints
  • Protects smooth and textured surfaces in all public spaces and mass transit
  • Transit hubs as well as all areas which are open to the public: schools, waiting rooms, restrooms, shopping mall, indoor and outdoor walls, trains and train stations, airports, car parks, elevators – in fact all unsupervised areas that suffer from vandalism

Product advantages

  • spray paint repellent coating against spray paints and varnishes
  • can be applied on smooth, curved and textured surfaces
  • matt coating without reflection
  • damage by spray paint or dirt can easily be cleaned
  • outdoor durability of up to three years
  • compatible for prints with UV-curable inks
  • application temperature minimum 41°F (5° C)
  • classified to Euroclass flame retardant standard DIN EN 13501-1
  • if a cleaning agent is needed we recommend the use of ASLAN MagicPro Cleaner: graffiti gel cleaner, bio degradable, non dripping


Face film

PVC-film, polymeric softened, transparent, matt


3.15 mil (80 µm)


Pressure sensitive polyacrylate adhesive

Adhesive properties


Release liner

90# stayflat siliconized paper, double sided PE-coated

Outdoor durability

up to 3 years  (vertical exposure in middle European and similar climate zones)


for smooth and textured (i.e. brick, stucco etc.) surfaces


54″ x 55 yds


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