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LoopPET UltraTack ASLAN DRP 07


  • digital prints for both inside and outside use on flat surfaces
  • short to medium-term application on difficult surfaces such as non-absorbent, mineral or low-energy surfaces
  • for application onto cold surfaces at a minimum temperature of 41° F
  • forward-thinking and sustainable use in advertising and signage
  • optimal combination with the PVC free protective laminate LoopLAM ASLAN SRL 19 (made from at least 70 % recycled material)

Product advantages

  • raw film made from at least 30 % secondary raw materials (PCR PET)
  • high gloss white surface
  • chemically recycled, corresponds to virgin quality
  • printable with latex, UV curable inks and silk screen inks
  • a more sustainable version of the renowned UltraTack ASLAN DFP 07
  • solvent-free high-tack adhesive, ultra-strong tack level of 26 N/25 mm
  • clean removal from low-energy surfaces
  • minimum application temperature of 41° F
  • does not contain any plasticizers
  • PVC, VOC and solvent free product
  • no shrinkage
  • the critical amount of water used in production is lower than for conventional PVC films
  • higher temperature stability compared to PVC digital printing films
  • suitable for laser cutting


Face film

Polyester, white gloss (30 % content of recycled polyester)


1.9 mil (50 µm)


Polyacrylic pressure sensitive adhesive

Adhesive properties


Release liner

Double-sided PE coated paper

Outdoor durability

3 years


54“ x 55 yards


Latex, UV curable and silk screen inks


Product examples